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So you and Maca have been together 10 years or so? I read you mention you 2 get it on sexually 28 days a month. So, he's a stud, that's awesome. You must miss his touch tho.
We've been together 13 years. Married for 12. He's awesome in bed and yes, I do miss his touch.

And at some point, you met and got with GG, on the side, not in agreed upon polyamory. And GG and you are in a power exchange relationship, you Mistress, him slave.
GG and I've been friends for 18 years. I took his virginity 16 years ago. We had an affair after a series of fucked up events in my marriage with Maca.
Several attempts at being "just platonic" again have occurred in the years since-lasting anywhere from 3 months to over a year.

We didn't start a BDSM dynamic until last summer. However, the dynamic works very well. It's not really sexual in nature... for the most part it pertains only to behaviors of service. All in all, GG is a VERY VANILLA person.

Are you and Maca also in a BDSM relationship? Is he your Dom? If he is, would that make your cheating, and getting his understanding and forgiveness, that much worse?
We were, for a short period of time in the last year. He was my Dom. However Maca had issues with taking advantage of the role and using it in ways that were damaging to me-so I ended it. We were not involved in that lifestyle at any point prior to this last year, so it didn't pertain to the cheating etc.

How does Maca feel about you having a D/s relationship w GG? Is that part of your issues, or am I way off base? If Maca is vanilla, otoh, that could also be a problem?
Maca approved and agreed to my D/s relationship with GG at the time it started. There were specific terms laid out in the contract (which you can see on GG's blog if you want to read it) that pertain to assuring that my dynamic with GG doesn't negatively affect my relationship with Maca and those boundaries haven't been broken.

The issues that Maca has with GG are issues based on the past which remains unresolved. He says they are resolved and then returns to his anger and hatred and blaming of GG for all of the issues that arise in our relationship.

Maca is anything but vanilla.
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