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I would just carry on talking and seeing where you get with experimenting. It sounds like you are both on a course for more negotiation and more experience before really figuring out what it is that will work under the circumstance you are in with each other.

It sounds like you are being honest and open about what is going on for you, trying things out and thinking hard about what would work. Keep at it... so he laughed this time, well he might not if he told you what he wants to hear and what he wants to experience... maybe some pictures, some videos.... some naughty talk... maybe you will like it, maybe not.

Go and find out what BDSM is like at a club or event. Find poly people to hang out with or talk on line; join fetlife and check out the forums there... read here. There is so much you could do before throwing up your hands in defeat.

You are both new to this stuff, so take it easy and be aware that everything takes time. Sometimes years. Learn about it all and see where you get. This is just the beginning.
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