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I agree with your concerns. She is much younger than C and myself, and I have to keep that in perspective. I am a huge proponent of defining one's own boundaries and holding to them. I do not think breaking them for the "right" person is ever a good idea or healthy. But... say someone wants to open themselves up and explore all the different things that are out there? Honestly, I can't be a mentor when I am so new to these explorations myself. So, if C wants to do that, I can say okay, I'm here for you, but I can only participate in so much. I do appreciate the fact that she expresses her emotions. I'm just wary of where they will lead. But again, that's not about me, and I truly believe that until something actually crosses MY boundaries, I can stop myself from judging.

I'm thinking about this way too much. Point blank - how do I disengage? A conversation, that's how. Right?
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