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NRE--you might want to tag search it.

Another housing solution--find a place where the THREE of you can afford to live together (making sure that it doesn't max out the money in case one is laid off, sick, etc.), with three bedrooms at least.

Not ALL men are the type to have sex simply to get their own rocks off! Countless times Breathes has helped me have an orgasm while not wanting anything out of it for himself other than a contented and happy girlfriend!

We were talking about this part last night. One of the most useful workshops we've ever attended was one on how to sexually satisfy your partner. I learned ways to better satisfy HIM sexually . Check your local sex shows, they have these work shops.

You don't have to answer this but it is something to think about: are you an aural, visual, or sensation person? If aural maybe he could read to you or tell you about some of his fantasies. Visual, maybe he could wear something which is pleasing to you. Sensual, running his fingers lightly over your skin, holding you safely in his arms. The possibilities are endless really.
There are as many ways to do polyamory as there are people practicing it!
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