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I've personally never had it officially. I was more apt to see girls on my own, and then they could me pengrah separately. The added pressure of a full fledged introduction would be annoying I think. So it usually didn't happen until it became something more than fleeting.

That said, the first meeting with sourgirl was all 4 of us. Its blossomed quite well that way.

I am not sure how I would take it as a requirement. I might think of it as a yellow flag.
I should note there a hidden truth. I guess I am accidently leaving it out. Before sourgirl I was a unicorn hunter. Also, Pengrah and I were also very independent in our groups. I had an abundance of friends on my own, and she did with hers. There was a lot of cross over. But we commonly hung out on our own.

Me hanging out with a group of girls on my own was not unheard of. Me going to a bar and hanging out late into the night with a girl was common. Me flirting and partying with random strangers wasn't unheard of. In that time it was fun. My wife had the same kind of fun too. Again with lots of cross over.

So my perspective on being married and friendly/available/dating is very different than most. Most peoples concepts of monogamy and marriage are very locked in and restrictive to me.

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