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Mr. Sour and I tried this !

The amusing part for ourselves, was that we didn`t do it at 'the beginning'.
We dated seperately for awhile, and then one time a issue came up, where I couldnt really get a read on a guy.

I take awhile getting to know people before I meet them. Usually I have good intincts,.....but,..this guy was a head-scratcher' for me. Mr.Sour and I tend to have the same thought processes on people and personalities, so I wanted his opinion.
So I asked Mr.Sour to meet me with him. It went totally fine, and the guy was okie-dokie.

I am usually someone who prefers to do things alone, on my own. However, we had moved to a new city, I was in a unknown area, had no feel for the culture or the attitude, so I think I just wanted the confidence and opinion, that something familiar brings.

He asked me the same favour one time, going on a date with a new woman. Though, his reason was ....ummm,......cause he wanted a excuse to leave, if she was a nutter. LOL

So I can see TL`s reasoning. (safety, and equal opportunity in a way, I think ? ) Also, I have met people who wanted me to meet their spouse as well. It`s not ever felt awkward, which really surprised me ! We usually all laugh and have a easier time,....3 or 4 people making conversation, fills in more gaps then 2, sometimes.

I think the difference lies in the reason for the extra addition. If it is fear-based, and almost interrogation-like, then it would feel very much like a meeting, and not a date.
I can tell you, in my case, where I met that gentleman,..there was some flirting, and I was even flirting with the waitress on behalf of Mr.Sour.

Negative moments : I`ve had people message me online, then hand over my email to their spouse,....and THAT felt like interrogation. I`d rather meet in real life, and see if the comfort-zone is there, or not.

I had the husband of a gorgeous woman, ( I had hoped was blossoming into a relationship ) ..tell me after date three, that if I wanted to touch his wife, I had to ask him permission first, because they had a D/s relationship sexually, and I was expected to follow it. Ummmmm, I`ll ask her, not him. Either she`s her own woman or not, apart from him. What they do in sex, involving themselves, is up to them, but nobody was dictating their sex life, at me.

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