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Default just a quick check-in

Constantly changing. No inertia here. Really great conversations with loved ones about poly. Of course I was careful as to whom I told about 2Rings and Hub's acceptance of this OSO.

2Rings went with me to meet a very close cousin of mine. She is an only child and so we kind of grew-up more like sisters. Hubs sometimes does sub-contracting for her husband- we are as I said a crazy close family. She is older than me so it was important for me to have her approval/acceptance of this relationship. I was sooo relieved a year ago when I told her and she totally understood from where I was coming. As a matter of fact her response when I disclosed this relationship (after a Pens hockey game and a few margaritas- and one Labatts was "I am sure if your marriage is strong enough to get over jealousy it would actually probably keep your relationship exciting and keep you both from becoming bored or complacent." Then she said, "Do you tell Hubs when you are out with 2Rings or do you keep it at 'out with a friend' ?" She was curious but totally ok with it.

Anyway I was soooo excited Saturday when he went out with the two of us and some of her friends to see a rock band performing at her local bar. They got along great, she totally approved of him("he's really nice and easy to talk to!") and inspite of the loud music they got to know eachother a bit- they grewup in the same area of the city and went to the same highschool. They even have their own inside joke about a magic microphone. So I was very happy in this small but significant acknowledgement of my OSO.

Well going to take a walk with my youngest daughter (home on Easter break)and my princess puppy. Happy Monday really I hope it isn't a manic Monday for you!

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