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I had confided in one of my daughters, and she told my older daughter (accidentally -- she thought she kind of already knew). My older daughter promptly called my mom and my sister, and outed me to them. Fortunately the "telephone line" game stopped there. My mom and sister have been really cool, are trying to just stay out of my business. My oldest daughter has not spoken to me in 2 months She is angry because she feels I am 1. disgusting and immoral and 2. jeopardizing the stability of our family (she fears we will get divorced and my 4 younger kids will be devastated).

There are some people in my life who I will never come out to, voluntarily. I hope they never find out. However, they will never know the real me, and that makes me sad for them.

I'm not sure I could handle other relatives turning on me like my daughter has. To be honest I never expected such an extreme reaction from her -- I figured she'd be over it by now and just say, "It's your life, Mom."

We're trying to be very discreet. I don't go out in public with my boyfriend unless it's all 3 of us, and we haven't even done that in quite awhile. I go to his apartment once or twice a week when all the kids are at school. Making the best of it.
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