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Originally Posted by Kraven View Post
Wow, it all makes since now! I always felt each love should be equal, I mean isn't that the purpose of it all? I classified her as a primary simply to give comfort that I wasn't ever going to leave her for another and perhaps I'm going about things the wrong way! If she truly can't cope with the lifestyle then maybe she just isn't for me! I keep forgetting that I must own my own feelings and not feel responsible for solving everyones problems! I have a habit of being too loving, perhaps that is my strongest assist yet my greatest weakness!
I understand how easy it is to take responsibility for another person's feelings. I was just having that conversation with my hubby last night. I have a habit of doing the same thing and it ends up hurting me. I'm working really hard at remembering that there is a fine line between loving someone and losing yourself to the "job" of loving someone. I do classify my hubby as my primary-because we are the ones who have the kids and responsibilities that REQUIRE joint participation and bf is the one who CHOOSES to participate. But it's really a technical distinction I think.
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