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Originally Posted by Eloise View Post
And as for not liking of the partner so much
she has become more mature
and more attractive
and more likeable to others
because, I am told,
I hold her accountable
I just didn't think I'd sign on
to raise a child 10 years my senior

Maybe that's a factor. She did improve due to me
and she reaps all the reward
and I feel forgotten.

I don't like these feelings of jealousy.
of hurting
Fight the bitterness. There has been good to come of this love. Even if you were the giver and she was the receiver. Maybe that was why you were called to be a part of this trio. Maybe you can be proud of yourself for that.

You will get yours. The universe is abundant in love! What's that old saying -- "the love we give away is the only love we keep" -- ?

From what I'm reading, it may well be time for you to move on. But if they were careless or unappreciative of all you sacrificed, that is on them, not you. You gave freely -- do you want to submit a bill, now? Maybe your pay is just in what you've learned. And knowing that you helped someone else become a better person -- that makes you a better person, too
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