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I'm not open enough (yet?) to discuss poly at parties, but thanks to Sister Wives, on tv, we can kind of dance around the idea, right?

I'm frustrated -- lots of narrow-mindedness around here (Midwest). They seem to think things have to stay the same as they've always been. No one questions the mono status quo, the fairy-tale model we were all given. I've read tons since coming here, but I'm not so sure I want to be the big advocate for poly quite yet. (Especially at times when things are going rocky for us, personally!) But the fairy tale ending sure didn't happen, for me or for hardly anybody I know. Cheating and/or divorcing is the norm, or miserable "faithful" marriages with the occasional rare happy one.

In my experience, people find it much more acceptable to hate a cheating s.o.b. than to consider the idea that maybe there was another way things could have been handled. Daggers are thrown at people who have feelings for anyone besides their spouse (Guess none of these super "Christians" really took to heart that part in the bible about not stoning the adultress...)

I have told some of my friends about our arrangement, and the biggest concern they have expressed is that there is no way to overcome the JEALOUSY. They say there's just no way a man can accept another man being with his wife.

I tell them about "compersion" and I say, "Well, believe it or not, there ARE people out there, making it work. I didn't just dream this lifestyle up all on my own!"

Maybe the only good parties happen in Canada
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