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As of yesterday, yes. But prior to that no.
I struggled with not knowing how to describe "me" to him for years. We've talked till I feel like I'm turning blue and gotten no where because he just thought "man you are SO WEIRD" which of course did nothing for me.

Anyway-yesterday morning I got up and started searching for info online. I had met someone on a message board who used the term polyamorous which I hadn't heard-but immediately I was like "OH that was the word I needed!". So I typed that into the search engine and found the website lovingmore. anyway-I copied a bunch of info from their website including definition of words (because he always brings up swinging and doesn't understand that I don't want to swing) and a whole long page about what polyamorous relationships ARE and what they are NOT.

He read all those emails before we went to talk. He said he was very intrigued and enlightened to find we have a polyfamily-because he always thought it was weird (our household set up) but didn't know why when it obviously works.

Little history-before best friend moved in my sister was our live-in. We had no sexual relationship with her of any kind-but she was definately "part of hte family" and it was just understood. Interestingly she's here again as she's in the middle of a divorce. At first hubby thought "OH MY GOD there will be 9 of us in the house" but since she moved in a few months ago things have been fine (yes we have a big house). Everyone gets along very well-the kids are very comfortable with both of the other adults who are also very close. They call them auntie and uncle and its SO nice to be able to just run off on a dime togther because we know that there are other adults who can watch them.

Wow-that got long, sorry. I tend to be long winded in person as well.
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