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To forestall accusations that I’m a hypocrite, that I myself am guilty of attacking or belittling others on this board, allow me to state:

1) I have attacked rather vigorously certain aspects of a religion that some members hold dear. It’s the one that I was brought up in, and its mainstream interpretation (in my opinion, an ugly corruption of the original, beautiful teachings) caused me untold damage (I was self-loathing, border-line suicidal as a child) that took years to recover from. In a later post I apologised for my outburst. As far as I am aware, at no time did I criticise any person on this board for following this religion. I did heavily criticise the established hierarchy of the religion for betraying its origins. I stand by that still.

2) I have poked fun at a couple of hypotheses put forward in a book that several members hold in the highest esteem. In that post, I proposed another hypothesis of my own and invited anybody who wished to to poke fun at it. (“I have a right to propose my own whacko theories, don’t I?”) I also introduced readers to an alternative hypothesis in another book that I hold in the highest esteem. But, as I wrote, “Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer choice”. It is my view that everyone should be free to believe whatever they want. Again, I don’t feel that I attacked any member personally.

3) I expressed a personal opinion that BDSM practice was a symptom of imbalance, that a truly healthy, well-adjusted person would get pleasure neither in inflicting nor in receiving pain, would not feel the need to either dominate or be dominated. But I emphasised that this was my personal feeling, and added: “Different strokes for different folks”. Once again, I don’t feel that I attacked anybody personally over this. In fact, the best friend that I’ve made on this board – the only one to whom I’ve revealed my true identity [not counting my true identity Mister Pedant Man, which knowledge is open to anybody on here] and to whom, after reading several of their excellent posts, I sent a PM declaring my “undying love” - is into BDSM.

If anybody feels that I have attacked or attempted to belittle them in public, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise and to assure you that that was never my intention. (It’s just that I can be awfully clumsy.)

Misunderstandings are bound to occur. Let’s be generous with each other and not jump to conclusions or be too hasty: either to take offence or to criticise...
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