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Ah yes the "whore" thing.... sigh... I totally get that look. The blank stare turned horror turned disrespect look. Yup. It's just way too hard for some to look past what is right in front of them to be able to see more than what they already know.

I remember talking to Mono about what poly was when we first met. He was one of the only men I had a date with that looked interested and concerned for me rather than saw an opportunity or thought I was a fool.

Generally people seem to want to hear that I must of failed in some way to HAVE to have this. One person the other night said that they had tried that "lifesytle" out and it just doesn't work. I told them that it is a whole mind change really and not for the faint of heart. You have to be talented I reminded them that it HAS worked and that I am an example of that. She turned to her boyfriend and said that she thought they were just fine together and it was working so even though they tried it it wasn't for them... funny, because there was an awkward silence afterwards that gave me the distinct impression that he had been TOLD that they were fine and they didn't "need" poly.... hmmmmm

I have to remember to stop talking after I have said my bit though... I always keep rambling on to fill in the awkward silences as if I have to in some way confince... saying it over and over that I'm kind of whatever about it all cause I am good and they are good so who cares, just doesn't really avoid the awkwardness. Ya know?
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