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Default First date rule

Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
We acompany each other on 1st dates. This is for a couple reasons. 1st, so that the potential bf or gf understands that the person they are seeing is married, but that the spouse is "ok" with them dating and getting intimate. 2nd is for safety. Mainly of L, but eh...I guess if I were to be "molested" by some woman (note the sarcasm and humor here please) I would appreciate L helping. LMAO!
Thanks TL4everu2 for allowing me to go into more depth with this "rule" that you have with your partner. It fascinates me.

To me having anyone else on a first date, would not be a first date. It would be a meeting. I can see the benefit as it gets the whole meet and greet thing out of the way, but it kind of makes the assumption that there is something there to work towards right from the beginning and I wouldn't want the person I am dating to make that assumption right from the get go.

I dunno, it sounds controlling to me rather than protective. I can take care of myself and have never put myself in a situation whereby it isn't known where I am, when I got there and when I plan to be home. I never go to places with people I don't know that aren't public and always make sure that people see me. What harm could come really.

I can't imagine how this would work. Please explain more? Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this concept?
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