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Originally Posted by polyt View Post
So I get more and more into my polyamorous curiosity as we get deeper into our relationship (using the L word and all!). But today, I found out my mom is EXTREMELY against polyamory- though she's not against homosexuality whatsoever.

So a couple questions for you guys. Do any of your family members know? If not, do they know you're with one person and not others? If your family is against it as mine is, how will you explain to them your relationship status?

Sorry if these didn't make a lot of sense. I can try to re-word them later.
This will likely get merged with other threads about opening up. I find it an unfortunate practice personally, because it loses the individual flavour of each persons "story"

I am "open".. I don't hide my sexual/relationship practices, but I also don't walk around bragging about it. My cousin (really my brother) knows about my girlfriend and wants to meet her (he has already congratulated me on 1 year, even though we are a couple of weeks away yet) My mother knows I.. experiment with sex. Hahaha.. the reality is, next time I see her I will be telling her about my gf. All of my closest friends know...

Its simple for me. "I am in an open relationship and am currently dating someone else".. I rarely use the word poly, I find it connects me to groups of people I can't relate to.

If I find, or have in the future, a family member against it. I would simply tell them the truth and than can take or leave it. As a black sheep in both sides of my family, their opinion means very little to me. I take it like I take others, with a giant grain of salt. I guess I am lucky that way.

That said, not everyone is like me. I don't have kids, I am not that connected to family beyond the two people I love. So for me to be open is very different than someone with kids, a lot to lose and a large family of potential haters. So being open is very situational and peoples options need to be respected.
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