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We're fizzling out on the search, too Sundance went on many of the match sites, but those girls are SERIOUS about finding husbands, really! Sundance is extremely handsome, but it's risky putting a picture out there. For one thing, we are not out. He has listed himself as "separated" -- but we are definitely not, even though every time we hit a rocky patch with poly, we decide we are
A really pretty girl winked at him yesterday, but there is just no way he can pursue these women. We live in a small suburb; it would get around, could be a sticky mess. We're already panicking that this one may know who he is, as she says she likes working out, and Sundance belongs to several gyms around here. He tried looking for women at least an hour away -- but then that makes getting together very difficult. I am sorry, I think for now he is just stuck with me, feeling resentful that I have someone else and he doesn't. It sucks. I keep hoping someone will just "come along." Frustrating.

Love the coinage (I'm an English major too).
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