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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
I see it much like growing a garden.( dorky analogy, please follow.).... We are all growing different parts of our relationships, at different times and in different places. Much like a garden that needs various aspects of care, depending on what you have planted that year.
I like this analogy.

I would also add, from my own thoughts, that gardens all contain the same aspects and often the same plants. They all need soil, water, sun, and perhaps even rocks and some shade. What makes them different is in the tending.

I tend my garden differently than others. I might allow mine to grow wild; it might be a sustainable; parts might be more tended and cultivated than others. I might have a garden of all local species and native plants or have a garden with wood chips around bushes. I might concentrate solely on veggies rather than being concerned with flower care. Each to their own, yet all are just as valid and beautiful.

I also think of my neighbours when it comes to gardens. One neighbour I have is very concerned that I don't mow the lawn as much as I should because I have daffodils growing in it and a flower that is indigenous to our area. They have given up on telling me I should mow at this point.

Other neighbours want to put weed killer on their dandelions which is against the bi-law here, but they don't care and want to do it anyway. I keep my dandelions as they are the only green thing when the dry season comes and it makes the lawn look green in that time of the summer... along with the buttercups. I am sure that others have a really hard time with that but, meh, what concern is that of mine as long as nothing goes to seed and blows there way I am good doing what I want with the property I have.

Yes, gardens and poly rules/boundaries. Totally a good analogy

Sorry again TP! Geesh, this can be moved to a new thread also if it warrants further discussion.
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