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I have two holes in one ear and one in the other. I've had my naval pierced twice and my nose once - my nose ring fell out in my sleep the first night and even after putting it back in, never healed properly. So I let it close up. I'm contemplating getting my nipples done, but sometime down the road. I have one tat; a celtic cross on my back. Wolf has one as well on his bicep; the Japanese character for Ronin, which represents his time in the Army.

Last summer, after a very exciting play date with Wolf and Wendgio, we started joking about me getting a tattoo to represent our relationship or at least an aspect of it - we contemplated getting each of their hand prints tattooed on my ass or perhaps the Rockband drum pads; since the drum sticks were used on my ass more than teh drum kit anyway. In the end I spoke to a friend, who convinced the boys it was a bad idea and I'd regret it when I was a grandmother.
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