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Originally Posted by SwtSurNdr View Post
............. I want to make sure we have a strong relationship before we even embark on something like that. I have bi tendencies, with strong male preferences tho. He is strictly straight. I think I would have a problem with him being alone with another woman... If I was involved, I would be okay with it I think... but I am not sure how the whole thing works.
Hi Swt,

Well, I'm a late comer to this thread so if I say something already said - spank me for being too lazy to read.

All I'm going to touch on is the above quote.

You need to answer the question HONESTLY for yourself about WHY you being there would be different than you NOT being involved.

Once you have the truthful answer to that you'll understand more of your true personality and insecurities.

Because it shouldn't matter !

Dig deep.

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