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Originally Posted by Carma View Post
I was not a whore. I was not a stupid whore, either.
I totally get that, Carma. Sorry if I offended you, I'm involved with sex worker rights activism and have a somewhat morbid relationship with the W word. I've been called Stupid Whore for living my life the way I love it, so the word has more positive connotations for me.

In what comes to labels, I think they always tell more about the person using them than about the person they are used on. So when I read 'whore', it immediately connects in my mind with the sex work movement, like in the 'Declaration of the Rights of Whores' etc. Positive re-claiming stuff. I was being sarcastic about the way many people seem to damn women who are in control of their own sexuality and damn those that aren't. Comments like 'stupid whore' just emphasize the way this ideology that upholds the whole whore/madonna paradigm really says that sex is something women do for men/money/to have children/wtf ever, and if they do it for themselves, they are whores and/or sluts.
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