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Originally Posted by Tia View Post
... and I am happy to be here for you in your safe & non-judgemental "venting" place .. I am sure I will need you to return the favour at some point.. haha.

I did want to make one observation about my discovery of NRE.. I wonder if anyone else found this. When I read what it was it explained so many of the mistakes I have made in my love life.... I am a total control freak, so I love to give my emotions some point of reference that makes logical sense.
Hi Tia! i am so grateful to you and everyone else for your kind words and support, and i'll be happy to return the favour! (been thinking that lately, ive been taking a lot from here, i dont really feel all that experienced enough to give back a whole lot, but i think i'll try anyway)
And i KNOW what you mean about NRE...i must say there wasnt all that much present (or at least not very intenseley) in my last LTR, as we were friends for such a long time before, and probably started becoming romantically involved at the wrong time for the wrong i kind of foolishly assumed that what i used to feel at the beginning of other relationships had something to do with teenage hormones and emotions..boy was i WRONG! i really wasnt expecting to feel as intensely as i do about H and M, and i must say it kind of threw me through a loop! because of some personnal issues ive touched on, i also tend to feel really insecure at times, and i worry that the intensity of love that i feel may not be reciprocated...which is why i feel i have to be so careful to always remain AWARE of the other things happening in my loves lives, the stress of their present relationship state, as well as the fact that they work so hard, are often very tired and tense for reasons that have nothing to do with me...and that its not all about ME :P (i might be very self-critical, but thats still a form of narcissism:P) maybe if i put it in writing often enough itll stick in my brain when im actually with them
Glad to hear about your exciting beginning though Tia! i know all about woman-loving anxiety, M is the first woman ive really had sexual experiences with as an adult, and its terrifying and wonderful, and boy arent girls just GREAT?!
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