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Default Hi.... Nice to meet you. I'm, well, me!

Hi everyone!

I'm Mallory and I've been looking around this site for a bit. I like that most seem very friendly and open to answering questions and providing suggestions/advice. That's comforting as I don't really think I know what I'm doing yet.

Yet. That word sure implies some hope, huh?

I'm young and female. I have been approached by a male who is very open about his polyamorous relationship with his wife. He has been very patient and honest from the start. And... surprisingly, I am not turned off by the discussion. It has only been discussion thus far. I am intrigued.

I've always been monogamous, yet I have cheated in relationships, physically and emotionally. When I didn't cheat and remained monogamous, I felt something was lacking. I felt like the emotions rising in me with someone besides my partner were wrong. By the reading I have done here and on other sites, it seems there may be a solution to me living a guilt-free way of life. It just involves a change of terms and lots of open communication with the partners in life I choose.

I do happen to be bisexual with a stronger tendency to connect with men sexually and women emotionally.

Beside my apparently fluid sexuality... I love to read. I can have just as much fun watching a movie on the couch as I do riding rollercoasters. I tend to be more of an introvert until I get to know someone well. I work in a little understood part of the healthcare industry, organ donation.

Glad to meet all of you! I hope to possibly get to know some of you and see where this wide world takes me.
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