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Originally Posted by Tia View Post
.You can imagine my face when I opened the first page for NRE.. I was like.. "omg, my life makes so much more sense now!" (that was of course after I realised you weren't talking about non-recurring engineering .. haha.. thanks guys for my ever growing knowledge bank!

Sorry.. double hijack
NRE took me a while to figure out too! and speaking of said feeling a renewed burst of this, with both M, and H..this is not so much a question, as it is just writing down my thoughts to make them more concrete...them breaking up is a resolution of sorts, the end of a very painful and long period for both my friends and also means that with each person, i and s/he are more free to physically and verbally express our love for each other and things are much less tense than although i am sad about the end/change of a relationship that has existed between them since ive known them, i am also very happy...but i MUST remember that despite this, we are all in a grieving period. i must be patient and move slowly and be serene about the fact that the people i love are in pain, and the responsibility for diminishing that pain does not lie solely in me. (and for that matter, i am still on some level mourning the end of my previous LTR-though that relationship seems to be rekindling as a comfortable friendship)
because of long-standing self-esteem issues, and a (un)healthy dose of paranoia, when people are quiet, or seemingly upset or withdrawn, i have a tendency to spiral down into thoughts of 'is it me, what did i do wrong, how can i fix it'
and THAT kind of thought pattern is not going to be helpful to anyone right now, in this situation, where patience is the virtue thats most required
But i guess there IS a question in all this after all...when one (or more) of your loves is going through heartache, are there things you have done that were especially helpful in getting them through that difficult period? or are there things to avoid doing?
what a mess of emotions, im happy and sad and excited and worried, and frankly exhausted! (the breakup might have been theirs, but tell that to my appetite and my sleep patterns over the past couple of weeks!)

thanks again everyone, for your help, encouragement and support. having these posts as a pressure-release has been so helpful, and the replies i was not expecting, yet appreciate so much have really given me perspective! trying to keep that!
have a great day everyone,
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