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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
What Karma said. I've seen only respect from you to her on this blog. The same cannot be said about hers ...
Sage, Karma, TP, SN and everyone following along- Thanks guys! And let me start by saying I understand her posts have been out of frustration and fear. She is making a life changing decision. Attacking me when she is scared is not out of the ordinary. Most people would blame the other woman. But we are here on this forum because we (for the most part) are not really people who believe in the conventional wisdom of traditional relationships. That said I do not agree with her characterizations and some of it is just simply untrue. 2Rings does not comment much. He reads it almost daily. So what she says and does on here does not go unnoticed. They communicate alot. HE has worked really hard for years with KT to help her with depression. He has also ALWAYS maintained his family is his priority. His children are of utmost importance and come before KT and me. It is their daily homelife that is his concern. And rightfully so. He also takes care of his mother. A huge undertaking that has been HIS most of his life. He is stressed beyond belief, most men would have caved or checked-out long ago. He hasn't. He tries every day. He has done what it takes to keep some semblance of his family together. He is a good man- bottom line.

Now I am not going to say anything more on their relationship. I may comment about subjects that pertain to me and indirectly them but I have no intention of this being about KT. She is part of my life and always will be because 2Rings always will be. I respect her as a mother and a woman. She is an individual with her own trials and tribulations- and hopefully triumphs. I want her to be happy in her life, her happiness will always effect me (effect or affect). And of course 2Rings happiness is a priority. So that being said my lovely forum friends, thank you for supporting us. Your interest alone is astounding. xo
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