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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
So those are our "rules". Some may seem laughable to you, but for us, curently, they are necissary.
You know TL this would be a good topic for a new thread, if you desired. I know I don`t feel other peoples rules, boundaries, etc, are 'silly'. Nor do I think one set of rules somehow is right, and superior to anothers.

I see it much like growing a garden.( dorky analogy, please follow.).... We are all growing different parts of our relationships, at different times and in different places. Much like a garden that needs various aspects of care, depending on what you have planted that year.

Sure there are extremes, where people get a little overkill, or let fear rule them. For the most part, I see no shame in people looking after their relationships, the best way they know how. Mr. Sour and I, usually find ourselves relating to people with more rules then us. I`ve rarely judged them on it.
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