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Default Complete Mono to Complete Poly

Still pretty new here and there are all kinds of personalities swimming about, not especially clear on who's who still and keeping track of people's stories and such. I can recall a few handles that have described themselves as always having been poly since their first romantic stirrings or a very young age. See lots of new stories of people uncertain about whether or not they might be poly or trying to transition to poly or even a few decidedly not polys.

Are there other folks on here who --like I have-- have gone from being completely monogamous well into adulthood and then completely changed their mind? I was very happily monogamous into my early thirties, wandering about in serial monogamy, searching for "the one", and very self-satistied and secure in having what I considered to be the perfect skill sets for hetero-monogamy: the ability to fix all of my romantic energies on one woman to the exclusion of all others, a completely unblemished record of fidelity, intergenerational models of "successful" happy coupling to pattern myself after and strive for, etc.

And then presently it pains me to even imagine being in a monogamous relationship. My polyamorous relationships keep blowing up in my face, but I feel like... hrmmm... how to describe, how to describe... I feel like Gonzo the Great in the Muppet Movie after he gets to fly for the first time. Like when he's singing that "Going to get back there someday" song. That's me. Like I can't imagine life without at least trying to fly.
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