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YES! Today was an awesome day! Big and little changes came together in an important way, and I can feel for once that things are on the move again. I hate being stuck in one place, it feels so belittling.

Julio is so, so, close to being laid off soon (i.e. he is finally coming home!) And I have a big exciting trip to Central America coming up next month for an academic studies abroad program through the University. Which will fulfill multiple issues simultaneously,
>namely, I need a break from school!
>Secondly, I thrive on adventure. Which has been lacking lately.
>And, hopefully, I can see first hand what the hell Anthropologists do with their spare time.

Also, Julio casually showed me another profile hit on my internet dating site today and for the first time in a looong time I actually felt interested in the idea of a prospect. After jumping in to the 'idea' of poly so enthusiastically, it was a little disheartening to then lose interest also so enthusiastically.

Rather, the last week or so has really brought a focus back on my desires and beliefs that surround poly. What I've found in my academic studies is a natural and often ignored preference for multiple social relationships. What I've experienced, since leaving my job, is a complete lack of any and all social relationships. Including but not limited to: the ongoing separation from my husband, James and Jimmy simply departed one day to the far side of this country, and even my close friend Ellen has been too wrapped up in her own dramas to share time with me. Not too mention the loss of coworkers and customers who also filled some companionship roles when I voluntarily quit my job. So I believe somewhere in a deep philosophical way that I am merely representing a movement away from random association, back too peaceful reciprocation through meaningful relationships.
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