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This is LR's thread and Im not even sure its polite of me to write in it, but Ill answer a few questions and maybe help Mr get a better idea of the Father I am.

I very much have always felt that being with LR meant no compromise on the whole GG and her cheating for ten years and it being ok now because its in the open. I felt I had no choice, I would lose my kids and wife if I didnt go along. I tried for 18 fucking months.

Yes I was LR's Dom, No I wasnt happy about her wanting to be GG's mistress. The whole mistress/slave thing came up in order for LR to salvage the relationship with GG ( when they broke up, when she was in Spokane). He never wanted it, only did it to keep her. I cant say that I dont understand going WAY out on a limb to stay close to someone that you love. I tried to do it also.

LR and I talked today about our relationship and she maintains that in order for me to be with her I have to let go of my issues with her being in a romantic relationship with GG. I told her I have tried and that the scar is so deep. She went on to talk about "wanting to forgive" "wanting to make things work". I got real with her, I told her that the thing is " I dont feel a drive to forgive him" " I dont like or want to be reminded of the affair or there romantic relationship". With LR I wanted to forgive, I did forgive. With GG, its just not there. He is a good guy, him and I get along just fine when its not involving LR. We work well as a team. There is just to much that is wrong with me, I cant break through the hurt and anger.

As for the weekend Daddy thing. You have no idea the tears I shed at night. The lump that forms in my throat every time I have to say good bye to them. The hour long drive back to my lonely one room apt feels like walking through a fire pit that is covered in broken glass. Mr, I know that your smitten with LR, she is easy to get smitten with. You should step back a bit and think about how much you know about me, from me, before you form your opinions of me and then make them public. There is really nothing more for me to say.

" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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