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I'll answer but I don't want to derail redpepper's thread with details about our relationship; please check mine or Violets posts in Introductions or we can find an appropriate thread. It started as a V although both girls acknowledged an interest and attraction for one another before Anne admitted to liking me as more than a friend or I paying attention to my feelings for her. So they had a head start, but it went V for a split second while Anne and I got on track, got a little eggshells while she wrapped her brain around her feelings and Violet and I tried to hold back and not overwhelm her, and now it's more or less a full triad as the comfort level has just climbed and climbed. Hopethat was clearer than I think it looks, lol.

I read the OP and it made me think of that day (I will never forget it, one of those emblazoned forever things) and I figured others would have similar "moments" to share so I'd let go with one. Since this is so new and exciting for us, there have been many others, but that one was huge. So start with the sappy poly moments already! This could be an awesome thread!

Oh - and the "and my girlfriend" comment - AWESOME!
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