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Ok, rules...Ummm.....Well....L and I had the no kissing rule for a long time. In was about 10 years. No kissing anyone else. period....We tried it once at about the 4 or 5 year mark. It went poorly. There was MAJOR jealosy that ensued. Then, about 6 months ago, I formally dropped the rule for L. I wasn't so concerned with myself, but I felt that L had a desire to kiss her bf at the time. So I told her to go for it. It was HOT! I have never had an isue with her kissing anyone else.

Then, about 3 or 4 months ago, while we were in bed with our gf at the time, L told me to kiss our GF....while I was having sex with L. Interesting....So I did...and L says she found it SUPER hot! So....Bottom line, we have officially dropped the no kissing rule. It had it's time and place...and we matured beyond it. It was not a "laughable" rule....but it was, at the time, a necissary one. is not as necissary, so it has been dropped.

We still retain a couple rules though.
1) Protection if anyone else is involved.
2) we acompany each other on 1st dates. This is for a couple reasons. 1st, so that the potential bf or gf understands that the person they are seeing is married, but that the spouse is "ok" with them dating and getting intimate. 2nd is for safety. Mainly of L, but eh...I guess if I were to be "molested" by some woman (note the sarcasm and humor here please) I would appreciate L helping. LMAO!
3) No "overnighter's" until the other person is comfortable with the new bf or gf.
4) said GF or BF needs to be friends (at a minimum) with the other person.

So those are our "rules". Some may seem laughable to you, but for us, curently, they are necissary.
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