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Originally Posted by sage View Post
Just wanted you to know that I am reading and enjoying your blog even though I haven't felt I have anything much to contribute.

Keep up the good work
Hello my dear Sage!! I am not so sure it is good work. From what I am reading today it has upset KT alot, and my love is feeling the repercussions of it. I put in the background info but I wanted to keep it topical rather than completely personal to avoid some of the really unnecessary bickering. However, even the background stuff has been bothersome.
I think it is important to get some of this stuff out, and for me to be able to "talk" about this alternative way of living my life. But it isn't really worth being the cause or catalyst or just even the last straw to anymore bad days for 2Rings... or for that matter KT. So unless I can keep it somewhat soft and completely about poly topics in general rather than personal events, I am not so sure I can continue the blog. Disappointing but a compromise.
Suggestions for keeping it general but thoughtful?

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