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I've been following your journey lately although I may have missed some strategic bits.

Can I give you a bit of feedback as an observer?

I'm wondering if Maca 'hating' GG is how his discomfort with your relationship is
manifesting? In other words your relationship isn't failing because he hates GG but Maca hates GG because your relationship with him failing.

Polyamory is an easy scapegoat for fundamental relationship problems. I'm trying to say this gently because I have great respect for you and I know you're in a lot of pain which I don't want to add to. But if you read back over your posting, some of it may also be on your other blog, it is very centred about what you want and your plans. This may just be the way you have expressed it but i wonder how much input into all your plans Maca has had?
Sometimes we can push too far in the opposite direction in reaction to what has been before.

When Maca responded to your issues with going to Orlando he actually sounded very lucid and grounded to me.

You obviously really miss Maca. When a relationship has reached it's conclusion you don't miss them, you're relieved to have them gone (my experience anyway) If I was you I would ask him how he is, and what he wants for his life. I would try and love him for Maca the person and not Maca the partner.
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