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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Taking the kids for a walk today-with Maca. They need some time with their dad, I need to get out of the house and I need the exercise. Hoping that the fact that we aren't sitting and staring will make it somewhat less awkward and uncomfortable.

I miss him. It's hard.

Today should be our date night-but no date tonight.
Me neither! Maybe instead of lunch we do tele-pseudo date night!

I guess you'll have to ask him that. In my opinion the answer is becuase it's easier to hate GG than it is to admit that he's responsible for his own life and if it sucks, it's his own fault. If his relationships are failing, one after another, it's his own fault. It's easier to blame the scapegoat (GG) then face that he's choosing to destroy his life.
Wow. You are right. Maca is really off the rails. What the Hell is he thinking?! As usual it seems his timing sucks- not that there is ever a GOOD time to distance yourself from your nuclear family.

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