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The doctor recently gave us a stern warning that we needed to change what we were doing NOW. Many of our health issues are under control. Others have been highly variable--and she said we have to get those under control now or we were likely to have more serious issues in the near future.

I've made a few changes to my diet over the past several years at the urging of doctors. She ordered some radical changes. I think making the radical change is actually helping the process, as I'm forced to seriously spend time learning new ways of planning meals instead of just being able to slightly alter things here and there.

One of the things she was adamant about is that we have to drop weight. Instead of trying to figure out some fancy-schmancy diet the relies on generating ketosis or some other nonsense, I boiled things down to the basics.

Body weight relies on an energy balance. Calories in vs calories out. That's it. Whether those calories come from all marshmallows or meat, if I eat more calories than I burn in a day, I gain weight; if I burn more calories than I eat, I lose weight. Choosing what to eat, then, becomes all about proper nutrition and not about weight at all.

Lap band procedures are all about energy balance. The bands limit the size of the stomach so fewer calories are consumed. That's it. I found it amusing that one of the major problems with lap bands is that people eat too much food at one time and that causes problems. Ya know, I can eat smaller portions in the same fashion and yet not have any problems should I eat too much at a meal.

So there's really no need for a lap band. If you can eat small portions to avoid problems with the band, you can eat small portions without the band.

The remaining problem is to feel satisfied with the smaller portions. I've found that fiber and protein provide the feeling of fullness and satiation that keeps me from wanting to eat more "because I didn't get full." The fiber more so than the protein.

So, I use metamucil prior to a couple of meals each day to jumpstart the feeling of being sated. Then I make certain I get some protein for my tummy to work on and fill out the meal with fruit or veggies.

This has been working for me. I've lost over 25 pounds since the end of January without feeling like I'm neglecting myself. It's been enjoyable, even.
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