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Might I offer a suggestion or two?

I want to be supportive-I don't have any weight to lose NOW, but I am all squishy and need to rebuild muscle because of the years of being unable to use them.

But, having already lost 66+lbs, I know a few tricks that helped me.

The first was having people to be "accountable to" which we have here.
It's not about saying to each other "hey, you didn't meet the goal today". Our own minds do that plenty. BUT-then we get so disappointed in ourselves and our depression increases, it seems hopeless so we go sit on our butts and mope.

The goal is to stay positive with each other, encourage each other to be happy with ourselves for what we DO accomplish-because we tend to overlook the little accomplishments we make.

The second thing that changed my whole world was picking ONE dietary thing at a time to change.

It's so easy to list the many things we need to correct. But, we need to get one and stick with it for a month or so, make it a habit before we try to add a second.

The first thing I did was buy a nice waterbottle JUST FOR ME. No one else gets to use it. I committed to filling it at least twice a day with water and drinking it. (that is 40 oz of water).

First think each morning-I fill it with water (at the beginning I often used a water flavor packet too, cause the water was so dull).

So-my suggestion is, in addtion to agreeing to support each other here.... how about committing to drinking 40+ ounces of water a day?
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