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Thanks, BlackUnicorn

Trained with F this morning. I think we were both a bit out of it. My lips are all cut up from getting punched in the mouth. I got down to the locker room and there was all this dried blood and grossness. So much for trying to make a good impression, ha. It's a good thing neither of us has AIDS. There was blood on his shirt, my gloves, my face etc... Training with him is good though because he's way better than me, so it's helping me to pinpoint more of my weaknesses. Right now, however, I just need to find the vaseline.

I'm going to go to a TNG movie night tonight. And if I can find a sponsor, I may get to go to my first play party tomorrow. I'm a little nervous but I think it'd be cool to try out the kink scene here and see if I find some new friends or things I enjoy.

Tomorrow is a belt test and I decided that it's best if I don't go. I'm not really ready to see O. So, instead of sitting at home and feeling left out, I signed up for a gardening workshop about how to garden year round. I've been wanting to learn more about gardening for awhile now so I'm excited to see what I glean. I'd really like to grow my own herbs. Maybe some basil, rosemary, cilantro...

I think it could be an exciting weekend.

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