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Lightbulb Educating gay men about polyamory...uphill battle.

After reading River's story...and thinking about some of my own observations (see: as example), it really seems that, at least in the Queer community, the bisexuals and lesbians seem to decently comprehend the whole concept of Polyamory way better than gay men do.
Again, it goes to that craziness that you have to be one extreme or the other: either 100% monogamous angel, or a rampant slut who sleeps with anybody and everybody. (And sometimes it seems like the latter outnumbers the former 2:1)
And they see us in a committed triad and think we're the weird ones.

It seems like an extremely uphill battle convincing most gay men that there is a middle ground. Either they don't know it exists...or they just don't want to understand it because of cognitive dissonance.
There's been very little discussion of it in the community. The only article I think I've ever seen on it in a LGBT magazine was an old Advocate one ( ) from 5 years ago.
In NYC, I know the local Poly group marches in the LGBT Pride parade. That's probably a very good start. Maybe something worth pursuing nationwide.
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