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He doesn't want to go outside of the relationship. He stated rather emphatically that he wants to go with a committed relationship between he, I, and another woman. I spoke to my friend about it bc I knew her desires and she and I already have a connection, but it has to work for all of us. I do not want to put her in harms way... by that I mean setting her up for a broken heart. She and I have been through thick and thin together and I do not want anything coming between us. She, her husband (now ex), and I had gotten together on occasion b/c she trusted me. He wanted it and she knew I would not cross any lines. Rules were set and abided by. Not that she had to worry lol She has always come first. None of my husbands ever asked.. they just went out and found strange.. lol

Anyway, I am just very confused right now and have a lot of thinking to do still.
May you walk in light, love, and peace always.
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