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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Maybe you 2 could meet again, but take the sex part slowly... he has a lot of issues to work through, sounds like.
Thanks, Magdlyn.

In an email conversation with a friend, I mentioned your advice, then said ...
The others mostly warned me off, as you did. And they/you are right. But there may be something to what this poster said about "exploring". He cannot be happy in the relationship he's in. I suspect financial dependency is a part of the arrangement -- but I don't know that. ... But I cannot imagine anyone who likes physical-sexual intimacy can be happy in a relationship that doesn't provide that, or happy (for long) to substitute extracurricular sex with people with whom there is no genuine loving.

Keeping in mind my need to protect myself -- legitimately --, I'm thinking that I want to see if [his name] can be my friend, and I his. So there wouldn't be any kisses, nor sex. And if he can't handle even that much (friendship), that's fine. It wouldn't be a comment on ME.
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