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Thats the kicker... they have heard about each other.. truthfully and openly.. and seen pictures.. but Peter and I live in GA and she is in Missouri. Of course, they will meet before anything is set in motion, but each likes what they know. They are going to talk on the phone soon and get to know each other more until we can get up there so they can spend time together. It is not going to be a fast process. We are not just going to jump in blindly. I want them to love each other as I love them both.

We did toss around he and I moving up there and living in her basement apartment so they could get to know each other without commitment. That way there would be no expectations and I could still be there to help her. We could find work there easily and Peter would do anything for me.

Ya'lls questions keep me thinking, and I'm glad. Thank you all for your input. You are helping more than you know!
May you walk in light, love, and peace always.
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