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I didn't mean to give the wrong impression... I truly wasn't finished with all I wanted to say on the subject.. just voicing my misgivings on the subject of individual sex apart from one another. She would not just be there to help. Of course she would be a part of our lives. I have a dear friend, Ronnie, of 20 years whom I love dearly. She has always wanted me to have a committed relationship with her and, preferably, a polyamorous one, but we never agreed on a man to do this with. She and I are sexually compatible also. I was very surprised the first time that Peter brought up the subject, as we were talking about how the government sticks their nose into people's sexual and personal lives and its none of their business. But then we started talking in a more serious way. Ronnie needs help also, both emotionally and physically, as she works and tries to raise her grandchild on her own.

My jealousy stems from being cheated on by my husbands while I remained faithful even though I wanted to jump headlong into a relationship with two men I was in love with while I was married. I know exactly where it comes from. Lies, manipulation, distrust.

Peter has never given me a reason to be jealous. He helps around the house more than anyone Ive ever been with and works his ass off in the meantime. I dont even feel right when he DOES help bc he works 16-18 a day. And still gives me his undivided attention. It is just the two of us and my daughter, who is 17.. she has her life and she loves him too. She is ecstatic to see her mom happy for once.

Peter, Ronnie, and I have talked about our expectations... and we all want the same thing... a king size bed to share. We all work, we all contribute, we all support each other in our emotional lives and comforts... I guess I have had my unicorn for 20 years.. lol If it didn't work, she would still be a part of our lives... she is my love for life and throughout many past lives. We are all intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally compatible. I believe the three of us could make a go of it.

When I wrote the first post, I hadnt spoken to her yet.. so I was thinking in broader terms.. just as a lifestyle in general. But after talking to both of them last night for hours.. its possible. But I think I would be the primary and Im not sure if Peter was thinking of that when he brought it up... hence another issue arises. lol
May you walk in light, love, and peace always.
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