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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I'm also surprised at how passive during sex some women seem to be. Both male lovers have commented that I am more responsive than other partners. SW asked how I was afterwards and I purred back "REAL good" which made him laugh - when I asked why (I didn't mean to be funny) he said that my responsiveness made him chuckle.
That's happened for me too! Or a combination of 'wow, you really are wet' or 'oh my, you really like to fuck ' or 'you are horny again?!?'. I am left wondering at how many women actually fuck guys when they are not really in the mood? How much bad, non-fulfilling sex do women tolerate from their men? I have been with some excellent male lovers and when I ask who taught them they just remark that they are good at observing. But if you give no feedback whatsoever how are they ever supposed to learn?
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