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Let me get this straight. Neither of you has ever tried polyamory, but you're talking about it and the first way he wants to go about it is to move another woman in with you both, to fuck and be there to help you around the house? Do you see how crazy that sounds? (besides the fact that it sounds like you do all the work around the house. I agree with BU - why isn't he the one to help you? He lives there, too?)

Remember the person you would want to bring in is just that... a PERSON! With feelings, preferences, intellect, desires, and a history. In other words not to be used like an object or a slave.

Also, polyamory does not always mean all people involved must live together. Why would you start with that dynamic, when you've never been in a polyamorous situation before? That would be like going from zero to 100 mph in one second.

Here's what you do: Keep talking, read up about it (plenty of good books on poly are recommended on one of the stickies in this forum), and then hire a housekeeper.
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