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Well, we do primary/secondary, and are quite happy for it. If someone besides my husband ever tried to make me a co-primary, or their uber-babe or whatever, I couldn`t deal with that. But,..easy for us, we have no intentions of ever living together all poly-cubed.

I`ve actually been in that position with a ex. He thought of his wife of 20 years, live-in gf of 10 years, and me, all on the same level. That didn`t sit well with me at all. I couldnt offer anything more then being a tertiary type.

So,..the few boundaries we have, really aren`t boundaries, just natural ways of being. If Mr.Sour felt differently, I`d be a-ok with that.
I doubt I`ll change, as those thoughts weren`t made out of fear,..just logic.
^^ Just chipped that in, for a different perspective. Not everyone does primary/secondary out of 'fear' of losing their partner. Just like not everyone wants it all 'equal' due to insecurities.

On to the actual topic : If I think wayyyyyy back though,..back to our first few ventures into a Open Relationship, we had some silly worries.

- If I left the room, he`d stop snuggling with the woman he was with. LOL I`d do the same. We had no 'rule' but somehow, at 26 yrs old, we felt we were being 'loyal' that way.

Hmmm,...what else,...

Oh. I didn`t kiss men. People would always say, "Ohh you have a no kissing rule ? Far to intimate ?'
I`d answer,.." No. I think most men are bad kissers. '
Glad I kept experimenting,..hehehehe.
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