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OMG! I had a last name that started with Hor-- and my junior high years were torture, as well!!!

I changed my name to my step-dad's last name because of it, and my bio dad was very hurt. To this day, he does not know it had nothing to do with my feelings for him I've thought about telling him the truth about it, but I'm not sure he would feel much better knowing that his daughter was being teased and bullied like that, because of A) his last name, and B) the fact that I was boy-crazy possibly because I was missing HIM.

I think the distinction is a whore gets paid, a slut doesn't. So technically, I was never a whore. I just crushed on boys like crazy, and if they crushed back, wasn't that ok? I was very pretty and the girls hated my guts. My mom would say they were jealous of me but I could NOT understand that at all. (Just realized -- maybe that is part of why I have never become a jealous person, myself?) I never thought they had anything to be jealous of -- I was pretty but I had very low confidence, plus I thought there were so many beautiful people all around me, I never felt exceptional or anything.

I had a baby my sophomore year and we read The Scarlett Letter. I identified with Hester Prynne. I never understood how people could be so judgemental and hateful to girls who were giving love to boys, and hoping to be loved in return. How is that so horribly bad?

I may have been a slut but I was never a bitch! (Although I must admit I am finally developing my own brand of bitchiness, at last -- I think it's called growing a backbone )
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