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This is a topic that's been on my mind as well. When to stay and work it out versus creating space so that you can take care of yourself. And how much space? Is it temporary or permanent?

I have a pattern of getting myself into relationships/friendships that are some what emotionally unhealthy/sometimes abusive. I'm at the point where I am asking what do I need to be doing so I don't keep ending up in this situation. Therapy is helping with that, I guess.

In my currently situation, I'm feeling like no matter what I say or will say, he's still going to perceive that he's done little wrong. How can I be close to some one who can't even acknowledge deeply hurting someone and treating them cruelly? On the other hand, it pains me greatly to think that I will need to attend things that he is present and will ignore him or be distant. And I still feel vulnerable to manipulation.

I hope that in the future he and I can have a better understanding but I honestly don't have much hope for him to change. Some people don't want to change because it's difficult, or worse, they believe they're wonderful and don't need to change.

I guess that if some one decides to be a 'lost cause,' there's not much point in letting yourself become one too. So easy to say but so hard to do... Sigh...
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