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Hullo and welcome!

Originally Posted by SwtSurNdr View Post
He wants to make things easier around the house on me.. so she would live with us.
Sorry, but this was a big red flag for me. What if the woman of your collective dreams is a total slob and anti-housework? Why is importing another woman into your home necessary for you to have it easier, i.e. why can't he step up himself?

Originally Posted by SwtSurNdr View Post
I have bi tendencies, with strong male preferences tho. He is strictly straight. I think I would have a problem with him being alone with another woman... If I was involved, I would be okay with it I think... but I am not sure how the whole thing works. But, I am afraid I would have trouble "sharing"
If you are, how should I put it, mildly bi-curious, then the odds of finding a woman you both will connect with sexually and emotionally decrease dramatically from 'not-that-great' to 'abysmal'. What is the motivation behind you considering poly? Do you only want to date single bi women as a couple (sometimes referred to as unicorn-hunting), or are you thinking of maybe getting another bf at some point?

Jealousy doesn't go away if you are both banging the same lady. Connections happen at different times, on different levels and between different people. It is more often seeing two people connect in a way that excludes you, or suspecting they might connect in a way that excludes you, that releases the green-eyed monster. Thus some folks are perfectly okay with casual sex outside of the pair bond but not comfortable with poly. Connections cannot be forced. If he wants another girlfriend why not let him pursue that and explore your own desires on your own?
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