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Originally Posted by ladyintricate View Post
It is also amazing to read that hubby and I are not the only nerds around the forums! We play tabletop RPG’s...
I met Sweetheart through gaming. There is actually amazing amount of nerds/nerdees involved in poly/BDSM/both. I'm guessing it has something to do with early on realizing that not fitting in with the crowd doesn't really kill you, so you become more open to exploring other cultures outside of the mainstream, too.

Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
You wouldn't happen to be bi, would you?
Ditto! Penny, your pics are hot. Seriously. (And you can for example move them to your profile page and from there control the privacy settings, if it makes you nervous to have them out here in the open.)

Originally Posted by Penny View Post
The vast majority of people don't want to hear about Helena von Helen...
I am super-touchy on who I share my gaming with. It's an intimate part of my existence, a bit like sharing my writing with people which I don't do unless huge amount of trust is already in place. And I think part of it is the feeling of 'naw, they are not going to be interested/will be weirded out and I'll be unnecessarily hurt because this is such a big sensitive part of who I am and what makes me tick'.

With Sweetheart we can totally discuss our PCs and strategy and longterm plans with appropriate parental pride. He understands what character loss can feel like, especially if it comes before I feel I have completed the narrative arch for that PC. And he's good for discussing setting and mechanics, too!

Originally Posted by Penny View Post
My gaming group is like an extended family.
Yep, and I sure spend more time with mine than with many members of my blood family.
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