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Default Not sure if its the right choice for us...

Hi! Where to start..? lol My bf and I have both been married 4 times.. we are great together. Like nothing before. He has brought me out of myself. Its a whole new experience. Neither of us has ever tried poly.. but we have been talking about it. I want to make sure we have a strong relationship before we even embark on something like that. I have bi tendencies, with strong male preferences tho. He is strictly straight. I think I would have a problem with him being alone with another woman... If I was involved, I would be okay with it I think... but I am not sure how the whole thing works. He wants to make things easier around the house on me.. so she would live with us. But, I am afraid I would have trouble "sharing" lol Is this something that will work its way out... something we should definitely wait on until we ARE stronger? I just dont want to blow this one. I understood where Stargazer23 was coming from... I felt that way in my marriages, but I havent yet felt that way with my bf. Im just thinking right now.. and throwing out my doubts and concerns. I can see the good in it, but I can see the bad.. from my pov. Ya'll are great.. Thanks for listening to me babble.. Will write more later. Laptop is dying! lol
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